On January 22, 2020 press briefing with Chief LFU PLTC VILLAFLOR BANNAWAGAN and PNP AKG Chief PIO PLTC JOWEL N SALIBA regarding PNP AKG ARRESTED KIDNAPPING SUSPECT NA JIN SUK of KIM BYEONG MO, both Korean nationals. 
Safe rescue of MR KIM, BYEONG MO, a Korean National on January 21, 2020 at about 6PM with arrested Suspects MR NA, JIN SUK (Arrested); and 
Alleged cohorts (At large) at Unit 1103 Gotesco Towers B, N. Concepcion St, Ermita, Manila
Two (2 ) teams from LFU led by PMAJ ERVING CHAN and PCAPT MIKE DIAZ , under the supervision of PLTCOL VILLAFLOR S BANNAWAGAN together with korean Police headed by their  Consul, Police Colonel LEE, SOO BOK proceeded to above address and jointly rescued the said korean victim, in coordination with MPD and the mgmt of said above Gotesco Towers.
The Korean Police actually reported to AKG at about 1PM of same date with a letter from their Korean Embassy stating therein their request for assistance in the conduct of rescue operation at above mentioned address.
Immediately at abt 3PM of same date,said joint Operatives went to the mentioned Gotesco Towers  and found the victim being held in a room in said building.
The rescue Opn ended at about 6PM of same date and the joint Operatives are now on their way back to AKG Hqrts together with the rescued victim and arrested suspect for further investigation and documentation.


On January 9, 2020, PNP AKG CHIEF PIO, PLTCOL JOWEL N SALIBA, presented the arrested wanted person,  JEREMY G GUIAB, by virtue of warrant of arrest for Print media.

Press briefing of PLTCOL LEO M CANUEL and PLTCOL DEXTER VERSOLA regarding the Rescue of KFR victim of Shin SuYuang and Chen Li Yong.
Rescue of kidnapped victim, Mr Shih SuYuan 36years old, Taiwanese National and the arrest of 5 suspects all Chinese Nationals at Room 510 1643 Camino st Guadalupe Makati City at about 8:05PM of January 2, 2020.
Team from IRAD led by PLTCOL VERSOLA and Team from LFU led by PMAJ NUÑEZ conducted operation on alleged kidnapping incident and was able to rescue the above victim a Taiwanese National and arrest of five Suspects both chinese national.
The Operation was emanated from the call of Jerry Wang Taiwanese Police Attache that a certain Mr Shih was being kidnapped and detained in the afforementioned address.
That at about 7:30 PM of January 2, 2020  after coordination with the PCP 7  Guadalupe Nuevo Makati City the team immediately proceded at the said area and after coordination with the security guards of the said establishment the team was able to rescue the victim and arrested five suspects.