PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group

Plans and Programs

CY 2019


  • Reorganization of AKG based on the upgraded AKG Table of Organization;
  • Develop a comprehensive POIs on KFR and related Training Programs for CY 2019;
  • Enhance continuing advocacy seminars and information drive on KFR;
  • Improve case monitoring and evaluation mechanism; and
  • Enhance multi-sectoral cooperation



  • Sustain the conduct of intelligence driven man-hunt operations against KFR groups/suspects;
  • Continue to ensure timely and effective responses on KFR and casino related incidents;
  • Sustain legal offensives against suspects on casino related incidents with the full support of casino management, other LEAs and foreign counterparts;
  • Maintain close coordination and intelligence fusion with our AFP, LEAs and foreign counterparts in the neutralization/arrest of KFR suspects;