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AKG won the Outstanding National Operational Support Unit for 2021 during the 26th Police Community Relations Month Celebration

   Newly promoted PBGEN Rudolph B. Dimas swore that he will be steering the unit with all vigor and vitality and he promised that AKG will be actively participating in various activities that will improve the relationship of the police and the community it serves..

   In the concluded PCR month celebration, the AKG was awarded the outstanding NOSU for 2021 in fitting recognition to its contribution in various programs that bring the PNP closer to the people.

   The Police Community Advocacy and Development Group recognized AKG’s contribution in Police Community Relations (PCR) activities despite its mandate as an operational support unit. It facilitated symposia, seminars, community clean up drives, tree planting activities and medical and dental missions. Its “Project 4K” Kumunidad Kontra Kidnapping at Kirimalidad contributed to the decline of kidnapping in the past year while its” Project KICK” Key Information Number to Counter Kidnapping served as the hotline number that entertains complaints and acts on kidnapping concerns.

   Its “Barangayanihan” initiatives in various locations benefitted more than 6,000 beneficiaries through the “operation tulong” and the “adopt a community” program. A total of 100 gallons of alcohol, 2000 boxes of facemasks, and 1000 pieces of face shield were distributed to front liners and the less fortunate members of our community.

   Its environment program gained recognition from the LGUs and the community which led to the creation of advocacy groups that are now assisting the PNP in the implementation of its various programs. AKG will continue to foster cooperation with its stakeholders and the community with the end goal of stopping the spread of COVID in the near future.

Outstanding National Operational Support Unit for 2021
Recovered Loose Firearms

   There is no stopping the recovery of loose firearms as part of the Intensified Cleanliness Policy in the community of the PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group.

   At 11:10 AM of September 2, AKG personnel proceeded to Barangay 1, Balangiga, Eastern Samar, after receiving information from Manuel Badrin, a concerned citizen, who found a shoulder bag containing firearms along the road.

   The AKG personnel coordinated with Sonny Demillo, Brgy. Chairman and Sandra Arica, Brgy. Kagawad for the proper turn-over of the said shoulder bag containing one Caliber .38 revolver ARMSCOR without Serial Number, one caliber .38 revolver Smith & Wesson without Serial Number, five pieces of Cal. 38 ammunition and four pcs. Cal .45 ammunition.

AKG and Its Advisory Council Unites for a Cause

   In a meeting held at the office of the Chief of the Philippine National Police on July 29, the Advisory Council of the Anti-Kidnapping Group (AKG) presented its output on the 1st Summit with a theme “Strategic Partnership and Collaboration towards a Kidnap-Free Philippines” held at the Novotel Hotel and Resorts in Quezon City in 2019.

   The summit was conducted to identify and resolve issues brought about by the increasing number of casino and Philippine Offshore Gaming Operation (POGO) kidnapping. The output will be given for sponsorship to selected lawmakers for the crafting of an appropriate bill to address casino and POGO kidnappings.

   Casino and POGO related incidents were at its highest before the pandemic. It was an offshoot of the boom in the gaming industry. Victims are mostly Chinese and the culprits are also Chinese and those with Chinese descent.

   PBGEN RUDOLPH B DIMAS applauded the members of the AKG advisory council composed of Professor Liana M. Barro, Deputy Senior State Prosecutor Olivia L Torrevillas, Architect Kakuen Chua, Mr Alfred Dalison, Ms Cecily Chua Lim and Atty Ma. Lourdes Uy.

   On the other hand, the advisory council congratulated the AKG for winning the Outstanding National Operational Support Unit for 2021. The award is given during the culmination of the police community relations month in fitting recognition of AKG’s activities that bring the PNP closer to the people.

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